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Bringing together providers of shared micro-mobility

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About Micro-Mobility for Europe

Micro-Mobility for Europe is a coalition of shared
micro-mobility providers such as short-term rental of electric scooters. Our members want to ultimately transform urban mobility by creating a sustainable transport ecosystem together with the cities in which we operate.

We believe that micro-mobility solutions are essential alternatives to car ownership and use and in placing people and the environment at the heart of mobility.

Urban mobility needs are rapidly changing. For Europe to meet its ambitious emissions targets, more will need to be done at a sustained pace. By offering people access to smaller, easy-to-use, and more sustainable modes of transport, we help tackle issues like congestion and vehicle-related emissions associated with urban travel.

The data we generate helps cities to better understand the local traffic flows, the use of public infrastructure and space as well as mobility needs. This allows local authorities to effectively regulate and plan for traffic flows, necessary infrastructure changes, and future development of mobility services.

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As an industry, we firmly believe that the promotion of these innovative and sustainable modes of transport should not come at the expense of safety, public orderliness or the elimination of waste.

We are committed to working with policy-makers at the local, national and European levels to ensure that the benefits of micro-mobility are fully realised. Micro-Mobility for Europe has the following members: Bird, Bolt, Dott, Hopp, Lime, Superpedestrian, TIER, and Voi.

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Latest News

MicroMobility EU Parliament

EP Event on the role of micro-mobility in the New Urban Mobility Framework

On 10 January 2023, the European Parliament’s Urban Intergroup and Micro-Mobility for Europe hosted a debate on the role of micro-mobility in the New Urban Mobility Framework (NUMF). Speakers included MEP Jan
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Industry alliance publishes first-of-its-kind incident data involving shared e-scooters

Brussels, January 10th 2023 Today, Micro-Mobility for Europe (MMfE), the EU association of shared micro-mobility providers, is releasing the first-of-its-kind factsheet on incident data involving shared e-scooters in Europe. Every safety incident
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MMfE welcomes two new members

On 01 January 2023, Micro-Mobility for Europe welcomed two new members joining the alliance: Hopp and Superpedestrian! Our growing membership shows that there is a need for operators to join
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