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About Us


Our Mission

Our industry had extremely rapid uptake in the past few years, which posed new challenges to both providers and regulators.

We came together under this newly created coalition as a recognition of the need to develop a framework that ensures micro-mobility solutions flourish in cities in full respect of all road users and to revolutionize urban transportation toward a shared, electric, and carbon free future.

As an industry coalition, MMfE is determined to contribute to the policy-making process and to engage with decision-makers, for example via the European Commission Expert Group on Urban Mobility.

What is micro-mobility?

Micro-mobility refers to a growing range of small, lightweight vehicles options operating at speeds typically below 25km/h and mostly used for trips up to 10km. Micro-mobility vehicles can be personally owned or shared; electric or manual. Micro-mobility unlocks more city areas for more people and increases access to public transportation. (Source: ITDP).

Meet the 2023 MMfE Co-Chairs

Micro-mobility for Europe is glad to announce that its new Co-Chairs for 2023 have been elected! Marc Naether (Bolt) and Christy Pearson (Voi) will drive the association’s work and policy agenda for the coming year, together with association members Bird, Dott, Lime and Tier. 

2022 has been a busy year for MMfE, marked by our official selection in the European Commission’s Expert Group on Urban Mobility, the work on our industry-wide incident data analysis, and our collaboration with key stakeholders like the European Parliament’s Urban Intergroup and Transport & Environment. 

But a lot more work remains to be done for 2023! With an ambition to create more sustainable and safe transport systems, our priorities for 2023 will focus on increasing the availability of protected cycling infrastructure in European cities and promoting micro-mobility’s role in the sustainable mobility transition.


About Marc

Marc is Bolt’s Head of Public Policy for the Benelux countries and also works on regulatory matters in Germany, Austria as well as micromobility regulation at EU level. He feels that the upcoming European elections in 2024 are a unique opportunity for the micromobility industry to engage in dialogue on key topics at EU level.

Prior to joining Bolt, Marc worked in several functions as an advisor to high-level politicians at European, national and regional level, where he gained extensive experience in political processes and decision making.










About Christy

Christy Pearson is the Director of Central Policy at Voi. In her role, she is keenly focused on enhancing urban mobility through collaborative projects with city authorities, emphasising the improvement of safety, parking, and environmental sustainability in transportation. Christy recognises the significant influence of the European Union in shaping progressive transport systems and advocates for policies that support this vision.

Before joining Voi, Christy worked in management consulting with roles at the Boston Consulting Group and an Australian strategy and economics consulting firm. Her educational background in Law, Finance, and Data Science has been instrumental in her approach to solving complex mobility challenges, melding technical expertise with strategic policy development.