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Micro-mobility and the Green Deal: the way towards sustainable and smart mobility space

Brussels, 27 May 2021

On the way to climate-neutrality announced by the EU in the context of the EU Green Deal and against arising challenges as air pollution, noise and congestion, innovative urban mobility solutions are emerging, and micro-mobility is one of these.

On May 27th 2021 our co-chair Catriona Meehan attended as panelist the online event organized by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) on Micro-mobility and the Green Deal: a maturing industry fit to tackle local and global challenges?”. The event was the occasion to discuss challenges and opportunities for micro-mobility to be anchored in the forward-looking and Green Deal-aligned urban mobility landscape and to position Micro-Mobility for Europe (MMfE) as a key player in the sustainable and smart mobility space. The debate was enriched by panelists from both the public and private sectors as the European Parliament, the Commission, the European Investment Bank, that shared their views on the matter. Particularly, our co-chair Catriona share views on a range of topics which included:

  • The way in which MMfE calls the EU to not opt for over prescriptive regulation on e-scooters.
  • The importance of regulation as the essential means to secure expansion of micro-mobility which must occur through innovation and safety standards.
  • How the industry needs to find a solution at the EU and local level to integrate better micro-mobility within a wider transport mix.
  • How with the pandemic, there has been a huge uptake of devices in the last year and MMfE saw a rethinking of the approach to micro-mobility to this regard.
  • The attention given to circular economy where the industry contributes greatly – Members of MMfE have partnership with recycling companies for batteries and vehicles and the lifespan grew from 3 months to 24 months in the last years.
  • The emphasis on the social dimension and how the industry is now working on inclusivity to widen the range of people who can use e-scooters – MMfE members work with associations to help and include everyone.
  • The priority posed on the safety issue which is tackled by members with special features – i.e., beginners’ mode and inclusion of national road safety regulation in the apo.

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