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Shared e-scooters in Malta

Shared e-scooters in Malta

November 2023


Micro-Mobility for Europe expresses disappointment over the recent decision to ban rental e-scooters in Malta. This restrictive measure overlooks the benefits of shared e-scooters in enhancing urban mobility and combating climate change. With more than 1.4 million trips covering a total of 2.4 million km, demand for shared e-scooters in Malta is high. If shared e-scooters were banned, there is a risk that these trips will be done using less sustainable modes in the future. 

Micro-Mobility for Europe emphasizes the importance of balanced and evidence-based policy-making, structured around close collaboration with authorities to tap into micro-mobility’s potential to create safer and more sustainable cities. We call on authorities to exchange constructively with shared micro-mobility operators and civil society organisations to address challenges and find solutions that enable citizens to choose from a wide portfolio of mobility options, including shared e-scooters. Enabling a constructive dialogue is of highest importance to us, and our Parking Guide provides details on challenges and recommendations. 


Friends of the Earth Malta and ROTA Malta endorse this statement. 

Friends of the Earth Malta has been active in the environmental field in Malta since 1985, and campaigns on some of today’s most pressing environmental and social issues including climate, energy and mobility. 

ROTA Malta is a cycling advocacy group dedicated to promoting cycling as a sustainable and efficient mode of transportation on the Maltese islands. ROTA Malta works towards creating safer cycling infrastructure and advocating for policies that support and encourage cycling as a means of commuting and recreation. 

Micro-Mobility for Europe is a coalition of shared micro-mobility providers such as short-term rental of electric scooters and bicycles. Our members want to ultimately transform urban mobility by creating a sustainable transport ecosystem together with the cities in which they operate.

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