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Parking challenges & recommendations

Parking challenges & recommendations

November 2023


Since the beginning of the shared micro-mobility industry, parking has
been a persistent and serious challenge that cities and operators must
solve together. This guide outlines the challenges related to parking
shared e-scooters and e-bikes, offers recommendations, and provides
case studies for EU stakeholders looking to solve this essential piece to
ensure micro-mobility’s success in cities.

Micro-Mobility for Europe identified best practices and recommendations
on parking of shared micro-mobility devices.

Lack of dedicated parking

  • Mandatory physical parking spots in dense areas
  • Make use of existing bicycle rack infrastructure so long as there is
    enough room for private bicyclesReplace car parking spaces
  • Locate physical infrastructure to complement public transport
  • Consider safety when picking parking locations
  • Use incentives to direct riders to parking infrastructure and education
    about local parking rules
  • Stationless parking for less dense areas

Competition for urban space

  • Clearly designated space for micro-mobility vehicles

Public education gaps

  • Overcome gaps with obvious and intuitive rules
  • City and operator partnership for direct education
  • Use operator data to drive interventions

Compliance measurement and enforcement

  • Technology solutions to vet misparking
  • Allow penalties to consider circumstances
  • Standard escalation process before penalties
  • Bring penalties into line with other modes

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