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Press statement on TRAN Vote on the NUMF

Press statement on TRAN Vote on the NUMF

March 2023


Micro-Mobility for Europe congratulates the Rapporteur and the Shadow-Rapporteurs on their work regarding the INI Report on the New Urban Mobility Framework.

Today’s vote shows that the European Parliament’s TRAN Committee recognises the role that micro-mobility can play to make urban transport more accessible, affordable and sustainable. To further encourage the uptake, investments in safe cycling and walking infrastructure are key, as well as incorporating micro-mobility in urban transport systems.

We are also glad to see that the TRAN Committee recognises the benefits of smart and sustainable mobility solutions, such as shared e-bikes and e-scooters, and their potential to serve as first and last-mile solutions.

Moreover, MMfE endorses the report’s call for proper enforcement to ensure the respectful coexistence of transport modes, and welcomes the effort towards a common understanding of terminology. 

MMfE supports harmonised technical rules on EU level, to avoid fragmentation on national or regional level. Involvement of micro-mobility providers in the process of drawing up such rules will be crucial to ensure planning security, and to maximise societal benefits.

Micro-Mobility for Europe remains committed to actively contribute to ongoing debates in the realm of micro-mobility to enable evidence-based policy-making. MMfE is eager to be consulted in the design of innovation-friendly regulation that allows cities to speed up the decarbonisation of urban mobility and to reallocate urban space.

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