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Micro-Mobility for Europe’s feedback on greening of corporate fleets initiative

Micro-Mobility for Europe’s feedback on greening of corporate fleets initiative

July 2024 


Micro-Mobility for Europe (MMfE) is a coalition of shared micro-mobility providers such as short-term rental of electric scooters and bicycles. MMfE gathers the five major operators of shared e-bikes and e-scooters in Europe, namely Bird, Bolt, Lime, TIER-Dott and Voi. In 2023 alone, more than 300 million e-scooter and 58 million e-bike trips were taken in Europe, which shows that our members’ services are an established mobility option for urban dwellers.

MMfE contributes to achieving the decarbonisation targets of the European Green Deal by offering sustainable mobility solutions and therefore to reducing air pollution and traffic congestion in cities. As the recent Clean Cities Campaign publication found, shared mobility solutions are essential alternatives to car ownership and use.

MMfE believes that sustainable, active and collective mobility needs to be incentivised, instead of promoting car ownership rates. Given that private cars are not used for the vast majority of time, the aforementioned mobility modes offer a more resource efficient solution, especially in urban areas. While the greening of fleets is a step forward to achieve climate goals, we strongly call for increased investment in infrastructure for shared micro-mobility, and for acknowledging shared micro-mobility options as an alternative to company cars and private car ownership.

If Europe wants to move away from private car usage, there is a need to offer a variety of sustainable mobility options for citizens.

MMfE is calling on the European Commission to explore other means of transport such as shared micro-mobility to reduce environmental impact and increase resource efficiency by using shared e-scooters/e-bikes or bicycles.

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