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MMfE statement on the Signature of the European Declaration on Cycling

MMfE statement on the Signature of the European Declaration on Cycling

April 2024 


Micro-Mobility for Europe welcomes today’s signature of the European Declaration on Cycling. EU Member States, the European Commission and the European Parliament are joining forces and are calling for more investments in infrastructure, improving road safety and supporting multimodality.

Improvements in cycling infrastructure will also benefit micro-mobility users as they share the same infrastructure and rely on national, regional and local decision-makers to move away from car centric spatial planning. Promoting investments in cycling infrastructure and acknowledging the role cycling can play for first/last-mile transport and complementing public transport are aspects that also apply to shared micro-mobility.

Micro-Mobility for Europe has contributed to the process of drawing up the Declaration as part of its work in the European Commission Expert Group on Urban Mobility.

Co-Chair Marc Naether stated: “Today is a historic moment that shows that cycling, walking and shared micro-mobility are increasingly receiving the attention of EU policy-makers, as they offer more sustainable and efficient modes of transport and are alternatives to privately-owned cars in urban areas. Looking ahead, we count on policy-makers to take ambitious action during the upcoming term and to monitor actions taken on national level to make the Declaration a reality.”

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